POS Migration

If you like bash programming as I do, you would have jumped at this opportunity! Needless to say, that's exactly what I did! What would you call a project that completely involved Linux, Bash and C programming, hardware confguration and testing, OS hacking & hardening, automation, integration from shipment to installation to support? I call it exciting!

Although I had participated on a Point of Sales(POS) migration in the past for another fortune 100 area company, it did not encompass the wealth of knowledge that would be my reward like I had at the completion of this one! All the work accomplished here would be rolled up into what we called a 'golden image'. This project was an undertaking, as it would be deployed remotely to over ten thousand servers located across the united States and south America. Each of the servers installs were to be automated across the network and needed to be coordinated with the help desk and the physical shipments. Once the new servers arrived they would need to be brought online connect with the existing local servers in order to retreive important data that was needed to complete its self-upgrade on the new platform. Needless to say, every detail had to be planned as when the server arrived at its destination, there would be no technical person on-site, only a sales associate and their orders were simply: plug it in, and when it was done, unplug the old servers and put them in a box for shipment.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this project was the hacking. In IT, I spend alot of time building and supporting things and I spend time like most, checking the configuration and making sure things are best practice secure, but rarely do I get an assignment where a good deal of my time would be attempting to break into what I built! This was very educational and I will say fun! I learned much about Linux security on a particular OS, application compromising, backdoors and evil payloads!

Peace be unto you. Thank you for visiting!