Datacenter & NOC Build

This was an awesome project where I participated in the implementation and management of a Network Operations Center(NOC). Building this NOC from the ground up allowed me to grow so many areas of my interest, it still influences me to this day! My primary focus was to install and administer the systems for the end-to-end visualization and monitoring of LAN/WAN data and PSTN networks, populating the backend databases and managing this information utilizing custom and proprietary applications.

From the start I was heavily involved with the mapping of our networks working with our internal network gurus and outside vendors in building an asset database. But the most challenging hurdle was the mapping of our Telephony infrastructure. As it was one of my primary tasks to manage and integrate any device that was connected to our networks, I practically interacted with every conceivable group that had a network capable device and other groups where their devices were not network friendly.

My job: Make everything network accessible for management via the NOC.

For example, our Environmental Purification systems were not able to be remotely monitored. Managing the Lieberts at the time were conducted by someone routinely walking the floor and checking them, physically traversing the menu interface and looking for any alarm conditions. After becoming a SME on the Air System, I knew we would need some interfacing electronics i/o which we could then send to a networked machine which would in turn get the alarm to an Event Manager. I decided to approach the manufacturer with my needs and began to work with them thereby in the process helping them test a new add-on module which we successfully incorporated into our environment. This allowed us to monitor the units via the NOC and resulted in the elimination of manual checks at our datacenters which freed up some much needed time for our switch engineers.

Below, you can see my base of operations (my desk), the NOC including the switch and ancillary facilities. As stated previously, this was one of my best work experiences.

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