Self-Charging & Sound Charged Crystal Cell Battery - Version-1

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Here's another version of the salt crystal cells using a strip of magnesium, copper foil tape and business card paper stock. Soldering will be needed for this version unless you use another method to connect the cells together in the configuration you want.

This cell consists of small square business card stock paper glued with Elmer's glue and layered on top of the magenesium with a small square of copper foil tape on top. When finished with construction, solder each cell in parallel or series with fine copper wire. As the final step, soak each of the paper cells with the electrolyte as described in my other articles listed here on my website, then let it dry. Also, I hit it with a little voltage of 9V while it was drying. It will charge up capacitors and flash a simple LED oscillator for more that a week. Let them sit for a couple of hours and repeat the process over again. I also find that you can charge them up using sound/vibrations. Keys D & E Work well. I have not tried to chrarge this version up wirelessly as yet.

The thing I find fascinating about this is, I think new forms of electronics would need to be created or designed to utilize such power sources. Many of today's electronics require so much energy, and nature seems to do things with such efficiency and very little consumption. As you really don't see the power in a river until you visit the the place where it falls off, and you don't readily realize all those little streams and creeks that feed that river, the rain the fed them and the larger river running underneath the river! Can sound travel at the quantum level? How tight is the space in between? What's it glued together with? I wish I had some better equipment. Have fun, enjoy and help discover the source of dynamic and unlimited energy!

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