Invoking The Testament of Master Christ Yehoshua in worldly courts

About the ship.

If the law seeks to do justice
and the court seeks to do no harm
then a remedy must exist.

- sastri

Executing The LORD's Testament when brought into the corporate 'United States' or any other against your will. (When they bring ye unto Magistrates (RESPOND by OBJECTION because Habeas Corpus will lie('to rest') if one OBJECTS Continuously, accept nothing('never owe by ANSWERING') from anyone, make no admission or confession) as the duty of a true, lawful, ordained government is to punish evildoers, and praise them that do well (John 18:22-23, Romans 13:3-4, 1 Peter 2:14)

Many times a believer in Yehoshua (The I AM, the risen Jesus Christ) may mistakenly be summoned before courts(temples) of the world. Since it is a known fact that
the 'agency',
the 'individual',
the 'debtor',
the 'ens legis',
the created fiction,
the artificial person,
the mask,
the novation,
the 'legal corporate person' and the 'instrument' (a non-living mute Surety and Trustee of a Trust/Estate) that is being summomed is a re-formed 'commercial vessel'[18 U.S.C. Sec. 9] which is presumed to be in 'commerce', usually at the request from a foreign attorney(a trustee & fiduciary [60])...

'So I went down to the potter's house, and the vessel he was making of clay was spoiled in the potter's hand, and he re-worked it into another vessel. Then the Word of the Lord came to me: "O house of Israel, can I not do with you as this potter has done? declares the Lord. Behold, like the clay in the potter's hand, so are you in my hand, O house of Israel. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind. My hands fashioned and made you. My eyes did see your unformed substance. In my book were written, every one of them...then...the Word of the Lord said to me..."Truly, truly, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God."' (Certificate of live birth by the Holy Spirit)

Any child in the family of God entering into the worldly courts and 'speaking' or 'acting' for the 'image'(a surety, trustee & fiduciary [600]) and using its authorizing 'mark' 'name' 'number', will normally grant the 'Judge'(a Executor & fiduciary [6] on behalf of Beneficiaries( the IMF or any other 'system' that operates like it! )) jurisdiction over the 'body' (the Living Man or Woman, in the image of God) that has RE-presented themselves as trustee de son tort before the court and commenced 'speaking' for the Beast 'image', thereby ushering the living 'actor'(you - a Grantor) into a tribunal admiralty jurisdiction (Article I Section 8 Clause 17) under a legislative or territorial court (a Non Article III court) specifically for the administration or performance of commercial contracts of the CAPITAL NAME Trust / Estate.


'Acting' for the 'legal person'(image) is done by the action of pleading entered as 'Guilty' or 'No contest' which by the way are both GUILTY pleas. Entering 'Not guilty' as well as standing 'mute' will also create joinder as will signing any waiver of hearing and tendering of any bail allowing you to enter into their play field. The pleas are inherently evil, for instance, 'Not Guilty' is a negative and it is impossible to prove a negative. Innocent is a positive plea and is not allowed in a commercial court. Any pleading or petition will put into 'motion' a 'controversy' and places the burden of proof on you as the Plaintiff and the government or 'State' as a Defendant. That is how the tables are turned because it does not begin that way, just look at who the 'Claimant' and 'Defendant' is on the summons! A plea in Equity will also grant jurisdiction over a Civil matter of contract but breaches and contempt can quiclky turn Criminal which are really Admiralty/Maritime matters. But, for the difuse people on the land needing access to petitioning the courts of law as specified in the constitution, access at Law in common(Article III), in Admiralty(Article I) or in Equity(Article IV), there must be a remedy! If you would like to read a little more about what all the above meant, please read my Intro on Constitutional Law.

Once you know about the type of courts of this nation as defined in the constitution and which types are mostly in operation today, you will begin to know why the people of God must carry themselves differently, as these same courts were in operation when our Advocate Yehoshua the Christ ministered as the Son of Man. Now it would seem, no matter what the counsel is from the I AM, when an injustice has been inflicted upon us personally, we are usually very aware of wanting justice and we begin to think about courts and perhaps this is when God takes a second place among His people in these matters. When injustice is done by the very tool that is supposed to do justice, a remedy should be found, but brother shall not go against brother in the courts of the unbelievers, the unjust. [1 Corinthians 6:1]

Some have said that when one of 'the people' as referenced in the constitution and declaration - but not necessarily one of 'the people' of God' on the land who are being addressed here, both of which are beneficiaries of the charitable trust (Constitution) enter the court, they should not appear in court and if they must appear, they should do so as:

  1. 'pro se' (temporary appointment to their BAR, temporary officer of THE COURT and cannot challenge jurisdiction and an agent of THE STATE)
  2. or as 'pro per' (temporary appointment to their BAR, temporary officer of THE COURT and cannot challenge jurisdiction and an agent of THE STATE)
  3. 'in propia persona' (in one'e own person) clearly stated on record making a 'special appearance'. (take EXCEPTION with a Judge, OBJECT with the Prosecutor)
  4. or as 'sui juris' (Jus Soli) - self rule, the soil, not in the overlaying ''air' kingdom. (take EXCEPTION with a Judge, OBJECT with the Prosecutor)
  5. or by 'Special Appearance' (take EXCEPTION with a Judge, OBJECT with the Prosecutor)
  6. or to make a 'Special Presentment' in Admiralty (a "Restricted Appearance" SFRCP Rule E(8)) as propia persona so the government can make their answer under SFRCP B(3)(b) - This is dealing with International Law and Municiple Law of Peacetime Military Courts, the Law of Nations and Invoking 'Notice of Foreign Law'. In International Law, Deceit is Legal, which is why the children of the deceiver will not reveal this information to children of God. Judges in non-article III courts operate under International Law. Rules of Process and Styles of these COURTS dictate that a person can only appear in a ficticous name('war name') in these courts.

  7. *Please look those up in their Law dictionaries.

I was originally under the impression that those methods, especially No.4 and No. 3 above would be adequate for a child of God living in the kingdom of God, especially in local and state courts, but while I was pondering for some time about these options and how the people of God interact with worldly courts, I become to understand these courts are not the proper private peoples Artcile III courts, then I also came across some other information regarding No.6 when having to deal with federal courts that may be just as helpful to family members of the people of God sojourning with the LORD as all of the above 'legal' methods could still potentially grant jurisdiction to the worldly court over the belongings of the I AM, meaning "you". Also one must remember that rules of procedure are designed to keep out pro se, and propia persona's because of the high case loads. Until the law of this land is practiced in truth, we must be like those in Berea as it is only 'the people' and especially 'the people of God', that can bring the light, and bring this into the light. When a 'King Priest' of the Most High enters into a 'foreign court' and that court willfully disregards our King and His Ambassadors and engage in the theft of His property or mistreat us who are His Bond Servants, it can be considered as an act of war against our God Himself. And rest assured, our God does fight His battles. Anyone who professes Jesus Christ (Yehoshua) should recognize that they are indeed, an Ambassador and Bond Servant of the Most High representing His kingdom on Earth. May the Master's words keep you, for we were sent out as sheep among the wolves, so be cautious as serpents, and harmless as doves. Meaning we will need serpentine wisdom to navigate and conquer this world to bring us into the kingdom of Heaven, the kingdom of the Father, the kingdom of the Son on the earth, before we continue on to heavenly Jerusalem, the city of the Living God!

and when he heard

"It is the Lord!"

Simon Peter, being stripped for work - put back on his clothes and sprang out of the vessel

into the sea

and the 'faithful and wise servant' from the shore, hauled the rest of the way, the revealed 'Sons of God', like a 'Sign of Jonah', born again, to the land, founded on The Rock of Salvation.

What follows is truthful information of proof that a 'misnomer' or mistaken identity (nom de guerre - meaning 'War Name') is a valid defense for every believer in Yehoshua when He/She is brought before the present day military rule courts (territorial or legislative) of the Federal U.S.(United States) Administration (out of necessity under the 'color of law' because of the bankruptcy of the united States and the declared 'State of emergency' of 1933 by a commander's executive order which no commanding corporate president has ended as yet. The first military executive order was given by Abraham Lincoln and there was a time when he intended to cease actions of hostility after the civil war but was killed before he could enter the executive order. There is a Maxim of International Law in that 'Personal appearance negates all defects of process' - In other words, it is better not to appear in the temples of Baal, because when you show up, you waive all objections to juridiction and process. Being that the courts are Military Admiralty, a child of God really needs to separate themselves - the real living flesh and blood man/woman from the novation(persona) for which they need to show up in order to make that mute trustee resposible and thus cause to be issued penalties. One separated from the novation, then, any pursuit of the living man/woman is a War Crime under International Law, as they would NOT be pursuing the mask, the ficticous 'War Name' persona. Keep in mind, everything in babylon has been defined as and operates under - "War". Business is war, love is war, all is fair - or is it?

Because, even because they have seduced my people, they dress their wound as though it was not serious, saying, Peace! Peace!; and there is no peace; and when someone builds up, and, see, others daub it with untempered mortar.

"But there is no peace," says the LORD, "for the wicked."

And the I AM will judge between the nations, and He will rebuke many waters; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks; tribes, tongues, peoples and nation shall not lift up sword against tribes, tounges, peoples and nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

This brother in Christ (Yehoshua) was mistakenly summoned to appear in a 'private contract court' for a tax issue. Presumed charges or a 'Controver' were brought against him by the IRS. I do not know what the charges were or why, but, I believe it was 'an order to show cause', but his method of invoking the Savior of the people of God in the worldly court captured my attention and I thought I should share it.

After is my summary after reading of what transpired which can be found here and here or read snippets from the case docket below. The brother says "that this is not some "silver bullet" nor is this some sort of "sovereign movement" quick fix". If you are a "patriot" or a member of a "militia" and the Lord God, the I AM is not first in your spirit, life, heart, and mind, then this material is not for you. If you are a Good and Lawful member of the family of God above all other identities of this world, then he as well as I pray that this material strengthens you and the Holy Spirit comforts you in your persecution for your stand with the risen Messiah Jesus here on this earth in his kingdom of Heaven, The kingdom of the Father, The kingdom of the Son, the kingdom of God, the kingdom of Righteousness, opposing the evil that surrounds us.


                Plaintiff(s)    )
               vs.              ) NO. CV-94-00884 -JGD
    ____________Defendant(s)_   )

    Los Angeles, California - Monday, March 21, 1994

                            BEVERLY A. CASARES  CSR# 8630
                            Official Court Reporter
                            312 North Spring Street, Room 440
                            Los Angeles, California 90012
                            (213) 617-2305

                            312 N. Spring Street
                            Los Angeles, California 90012
                            (213) 894-2410

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA; MONDAY, MARCH 21, 1994; 1:30 P.M.    

THE CLERK: Item number 6, case number CV-94xxxxx, United States of America versus Randy L. Oxxxxxxxxxr.

MR. ROTH: Good afternoon, your Honor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Gregory Roth appearing on behalf of the United States, and its agency the Internal Revenue Service.

THE COURT: Is there any opposition?

MR. OxxxxxxxxxR: For the record.


MR. OxxxxxxxxxR: My Christian name is Randy Lee, and my family name is Oxxxxxxxxxr.

THE COURT: All right.

MR. OxxxxxxxxxR: That is spelled capital R, lower case, a-n-d-y, capital L, lower case e-e, capital O, lower case x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-r.

I have responded to this petition because it was found on the door of the place where I take up housekeeping, and attempts to create a colorable persona under colorable law by the name of capital R-A-N-D-Y L period, O-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-R, the artifice being used here to deceive this Honorable Court, must be abated as a Public Nuisance.

For the record, Randy Lee and Jesus the Christ Advocate and Wonderful Counselor are using the Right of Visitation to exercise Ministerial Powers to be heard on this matter.

I, Randy Lee, am a native Californian and a Man on the Land in Los Angeles County, not a resident in the Federal Judicial District in the Central District of California.

My Colors and Authority is the California Bear Flag with the Gold star. My Law is My Family Bible. And my Status is shown by the Seal of the People.

I am who I say I am, not who the U.S. Attorney says I am. Further I sayeth not and I stand mute.

THE COURT: All right. Please take your things off of the podium and sit down at your table. Mr. Roth, do you have any response to this alleged case of mistaken identity.

MR. ROTH: Well, your Honor, Mr. Oxxxxxxxxxr seems to think that if you spell your name in upper and lower case, it relieves him of compliance.

THE COURT: Thank you, Mr. Roth. Please call the next case clerk.

     (Proceedings concluded.)

     C E R T I F I C A T E

    I hereby certify that the foregoing matter entitled 
    No. CV-94 xxxx -JGD  is transcribed from the stenographic 
    notes taken by me and is a true and accurate description of the same.

    _____(signed)____________________. ____3/25/94________________.
    BEVERLY A. CASARES CSR# 8630, Official Court Reporter 

What exactly happened in that court? I believe it was really 'a lot like' a 'Statutory Notice of Abatement' which was orally served to the Judge and Plantiff along with his christian 'asseveration' or 'declaration of truth' which was in the form of a verbal Affidavit {28 USC 1746 (1)}. But the Abatement was more like something 'Non-Statutory' meaning it is not documented in man's Admiralty law because it is a document of faith. A 'Notice of Abatement' is filed in Bar whereas a a 'Non-Statutory Abatement' is a plea served OUT of Bar. It is better to give your testimony in an abatement of this type as the living person using as much as necessary of thier legal framework as possible because you never want to "simulate a legal process" by "legally serving" ecclesiastical matters of our Lord to those on the outside of the family of God in which the origin is in the Law book of Our God, in the book of Genesis. The brother did not go IN at their bar. He did not have or give re-presentation [ "Present (not RE-present) yourself a living, holy and acceptable sacrifice unto The Lord" Romans 12:1], so there could be no arraignment. He raised a political question which in turn raised the Law of the Venue because there is no jurisdiction held over anyone until it is given. In order for any foreign venue to be recognized it must have recognition from the the Venue which you occupy and are found. Does not the legislative venue of that court recognize our law, the Bible and its authority? Remember the Mayflower Compact of 1620? Has not that legislative venue stated this on record in Public Law 97-280 (1983)? By Law, the District Judge is the court whenever and wherever they please. No notice to the parties is required and no previous order is necessary. So this action did grant the judge jurisdiction to make a determination to proceed or not to over the case being heard because as you can see, there was really no case. The judge did not dismiss anything(although he did later), he called for the next case. Any of their abatements must be submitted with affidavits and memorandums of their law to support them. Abatements are used before there is a case, which will effectively suspend it before it gets started, but not necessarily stop it. Abatements argue the form of the claim or process itself. Another type of abatement is what is reffered to as a 'Refusal for Cause', this is your right of refusal in action; being that some claim did not originate with you. All 'Abatements' or 'Refusal for Causes' should be served on the party and never filed in courts.

The venues being Admiralty and if the process was defective, one normally can also petition the District Court for a 'Libel of Review' or 'Libel of Informations'. But, as a child of God, it may be best to serve this also on the party OUT of Bar. I'm not sure just yet how to do that though as you would be attempting to make a plea while not being in their court! All U.S. District courts have original jurisdiction over admiralty matters. Admiralty courts are on the same level as Ecclesiastical or Religious courts. These Admiralty Courts are structured in similiar fashion as the High Court of Admiralty of 1320 that dealt with questions of piracy and spoil. District Courts of the 'United States' are separated into two(2) divisions, Civil and Criminal. Civil Law means 'instance', breach of contract occuring super altum mare, such as crew's wages, possesion of cargo, etc. Criminal Law which is piracy, theft or violence at sea and covers Civil in matters of salvage and collision. These Disrict Courts are predominatly by practice today an "Admiralty Law Jurisdiction" which is 'international commerce'. This "Admiralty Law Jurisdiction" is in conjuction with the understanding that there are three(3) different geographic united states defined in American Law and the non-geographical "legal" federal zone which in itself is a fourth(4th) legally defined "United States" where the only types of "persons" within THIS context are 'created' corporate "public offices" within the national/federal and not repiblic state governments. This allows 3 things to happen: 1) unlawful federal enlargement, 2) destruction of the separation of powers doctrine, and 3) a jural "society of law" is transformed into 'worshiping' a "society of men and women" which violates the law [see Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. 137 (1803)]. This is not the "trans-figuration" which the family of God is looking forward too! All Crimimal Law / Penal fines are essentially in admiralty and as courts of admiralty, they are courts of PRIZE, BOOTY and INSTANCE. As Instance Courts they afford redress on the application, prayer at the bar(worship to who?), or solicitation i.e. at the instance of the suitor. All actions in the admiralty are either in rem against the thing; or in personam, against the person or 'Quasi-in rem' over the person up to the value of the property located in the forum.

District Courts and many of our other courts cases are very similiar to High Court of Admiralty cases which are structured as so:

Warrant -> Appoint Proctors --> Produce Securities ---> Plaintiff submit Libel (also called summary petition or allegation) ----->

Defendant gives a Personal Answer -> Defendant submits "allegation" ---> Both sides submit "Interrogatories" ("Interrogatoria" questions to be asked of opposing witnesses) ----->

Both sides summon witnesses -> witnesses are examined on libel/allegation/interrogatorries and submit "Depositions" --> Depositions are published --->

Proctors argue out cause in "Informations" -> Judge gives "Decree" and awards costs --> Case can be appealed to the High Court of Delegates (another Higher Court)

Practically ALL cases today are in rem. All 'revenue' meaning RE-venue cases are Admiralty/Maritime torts and liens and therfore are under Prize and Booty - i.e. capture during conflict. Some may think that this conflict is an ongoing war against 'the people' - true even if the war was so long ago no one remebers, But, remember also, the court is itself, a 'conflict' court. In Admiralty, all 'claims' whether alleged or true in 'in rem' actions, constitute a 'lien'. While in contrast to 'in personam' carries no such right. Processes 'in rem' are founded on a right in the thing sought and the goal of the whole process is to obtain the thing itself for some 'claim' resting on a real or quasi property right in the thing. Once some 'public person' brings a complaint in rem, they will immediatle proceed 'In Res'. "Res. Lat. is the subject matter of a trust / Estate [i.e. the 'respondant - speaking and acting for, and almost certainly always participating or receiving benefits in a SSN trust or the same in a "public trust" engaged in a "trade or business" which is defined as a "public office" whereby all "public offices" which are the 'ALL CAPS NAME/WAR NAME', must have a SSN.] it is a thing or object in relation to 'property' and actions or consequences of choices in relation to 'contracts/agreements/covenants. 'In Res' does not deal with in personam rights. This is contrary to what is sometimes said as "possession is 11 points in the law" where one possessing property is considered the rightful owner.

A distinguishing feature of Admiralty Law is the ability to arrest a 'vessel' in a civil proceeding in federal court to obtain Admiralty jurisdiction and security for certain 'claims' according to "Supplemental Rules". It does not matter to the system if the 'vessel' / 'property' they are targeting is actually the 'LEGAL FICTION' - 'WAR NAME' and by summoning the physical 'body/temple' i.e the living vessel of someone, they will often get them to speak for it. Once this switch is done, 'claims' become 'liens' against the 'novation', as these courts must operate under ficticous 'WAR NAMES'. The party instituting the suit is called the libellant or the 'claimant' and he who appears to defend is called respondant or 'defendant'. If you are familiar with court documents and making claims, (i.e. traffic court, etc.) then these words should start making sense. This procedure is called "In Rem" Jurisdiction.

Rule C of the Supplemental Rules for Certain Admiralty and Maritime Claims is used
for an 'In Rem' action against property. When a admiralty lawyer arrests a vessel, it is 
pursuant to this particular Supplemental Rule. An action 'In Rem' is an action directly
against property as a defendant. This is different from the attachment 
practice under Rule B. Rule B is an extension of 'in personam' jurisdiction through the 
personal property of the defendant.  An 'In Rem' proceeding can only be brought 
against a property that is subject to a maritime lien.  Only a plaintiff holding a maritime 
lien can bring the action, and it can only be filed in federal court.

lien - a claim or charge on property for payment on debt or charge for performance of some duty.

The plaintiff can use this action as a way to satisfy its maritime lien simply because the property is within the territorial jurisdiction of the court. Once the plaintiff files a complaint and affidavit as to the validity of the maritime lien against the vessel, the federal court can issue an order to sieze, i.e. arrest the vessel. The plaintiff must provide a cash deposit to the U.S. Marshal for security and isnruance. The vessel will be sold unless the defendant posts a bond or the court finds the complaint and affidavit are not valid. Damages 'In Rem' are limited to the amount of the maritime lien. The lien is discharged even if the security/bond or the Marshal's sale of the vessel(estate) does not cover the amount of the lien. To remedy this situation, the rules allow a plaintiff to combine actions. The 'In Rem' action can be pled in addition or in the alternative to an 'In personam' action. If they are used together, the plaintiff may take a deficiency judgement against the defendant, if the value of the vessel/Res does not cover the amount of the damages.

Res - is the vessel/property itself but is not always a tangible thing. In a marriage suit for example, it is the 'marital status'.

Rule D is the least used as it concerns mainly actions for possesion of a title to a vessel.

Rule E provides the 'meat' for how one goes about fifling a Rule B or Rule C action. The government forms are NOT is plain English. You will have to be versed just to read them.

Rule F contains procedures for filing of a Limitation of Liability action. This type of action is authotized by 46 U.S.C. Section 181, et seq. It allows a vessel owner to limit its liability for a maritime accident to the value of the vessel, post casualty if certain requirements are met.

The Supplemental Rules for Certain Admiralty and Maritime Claims provide a plaintiff a better opportunity to exercise jurisdiction over a defendant and assure satisfaction of the claim against the defendant in an admiralty case than in a land-based case. This is traced back to the mention of admiralty and maritime in the U.S. Constitution.

As seen above, a libellant may sue in either 'in rem' or 'in personam' and there may be proceedings in both! Also a suit 'in personam' may be converted into one 'in rem' and a suit 'in rem' may be converted into one 'in personam' all without any further service of process and without the 'claimant's' consent, for which you, the living 'vessel' will become once the table is turned. The practitioners on the admiralty side of the court are called PROCTORS and ADVOCATES from Roman Law who represented novations, which are ficticous persona's that first appear in American Law starting in 1867. PROCTORS and ADVOCATES correspond to the common law as attorney and counsellor and solicitor and counsellor in chancery. There are also , NOTARY PUBLICS, PLAINTIFFS, DEFENDANTS and WITNESSES. The court consists of a single JUDGE and its records relating to all three branches of its jurisdiction are kept by one and the same officer, called the CLERK. See the case: The Huntress, 12 Fed. Case 984 at 992, no. 6,914, (1840), United States v. $5,372.85, 283 F.Supp. 904 (1968) and read Benedict on Admiralty. But just how does a child of God utilize this process without harlotry in their admiralty commerce system, is something to ponder. Is it right to always suffer and be the victim of injustice when remedies have been provided within law? Does not the Lord always leave a way out? The issue with Admiralty jurisdition is the fact that its demarcation or boundires are not clearly laid out in man's law. This has been allowed by ignorance and deceit, causing the commercial intercourse law of the "Darkness upon the surface of the SEA" to come upon the LAND and its inhabitants and leave its mark of authority. As the children of God ponder and remembers the task the Lord has given us, if we have an ear, 'hear' His words:

And The I AM "said, 'Were you there when I prescribed limits for it and set bars and doors, and made decrees - this far and no farther will you come. Here your proud waves must stop! Because I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness the level. Then hail [stones] will sweep away the refuge of those who carry on the lie, And the waters will overflow the secret places[as in the days of Noah]. "Your covenant with death will be canceled, And your pact with hell will not stand".

The first abatement ever recorded was done by Almighty Father God in the Book of Genesis chapter three verse twenty four, when He drove out Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, and put Cherubims and a enwrapping flaming sword, to keep them away from the Tree of Life. And that's basically what an abatement does; it throws their action out. Our Father was the first abator, because Adam and Eve were not following His Word, they decided to partake of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Which means they decided to re-define what good and evil is, both of them then became their own god and generations later their children ultimately said, "We can be God. We now know what good and evil is. We're going to define it in our own image and likeness because we are now god. (Genesis 3:5)." 'Abatements' and 'Refusals for Cause' can be used when you have NOT signed an agreement or the process is defective. And that is really what is supposed to happen when government goes beyond its duty. An abatement suspends their nuisance until they answer to the Law. Remember, all commercial courts of Babylon are presumptive in nature and are courts of controversy or conflict. The opposite of conflict is 'Peace'. Many times , something is spoken as truth when it is not. Normally, a Controver doesn't know what is truth but presumes something is true, hoping to cause it to become the truth. You are assumed guilty until you can prove otherwise which is hard to do from behind their bars. If you remember the old saying "the Defendant is innocent until proven guilty" - that is for Article III courts where there must be an injured party facing you along with their solemnly sworn complaint. It all amounts to a trick of confidence by a practicioner. And our Trust(777) and Foreign Estate must be with "Our King", and Our King is never a controver - as he knows all things.

If a man loves Me, he will keep "My Word", and my Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home(Trust-Estate) with him.


Holy Holy Holy is the LORD God Almighty!

An interesting note to know about these types of cases is this, if a judge is a taxpayer, then their is no justice with him presiding over a tax matter. But more than that, if he is a taxpayer, and they all are then he is having his salary diminished and that is against the Constitutional description for any Article III judge. But the case of United States v. Hatter (2001), pretty much informed judges that they are 'Federal Employees' and a tax is no diminishment. So what we have is an attempt to serve two masters. Can one be an Article III Judge while being taxed and it not be contrary to the constitution? What is the process for making changes to the Constitution? So if, by Supreme Court Law, it says that a tax is no dimishment, then why don't the judges want to operate as a Article III Judge for the people anyway, honoring their oath office and thus restore the Article III courts when invoked? Can the Supreme Court "Change" the Constitution? The Judge,although perhaps under pressure from the government(State) and the court itself is basically a treasury agent (public officer, Executor trustee) for their 'profit' system, as is anyone else who signs a W-4, where badge numbers look like XXX-XX-XXXX.

The brother explains that there is a maxim of law, "Scire leges, non hoc verba earum tenere, sed vim et potestatem," which in English is "To know the law is, not to observe their mere words, but their force and power." Bouvier's (1914), page 2162.

I too share the same position as this brother in that the 'Temple of God' which is the body of believers of the risen Messiah Jesus, know the words, and many of us can rattle bible verses off our tongues like silk, but we have no idea how to execute our God's Law in this world. A testament and faithful testimony is meaningless unless it can be executed. Where the family members of the people of God lack knowledge is in the area of procedural law. The family of God must go back to clean and pure living and decide of which table will they partake - the table of the LORD or the table of demons. The family of God needs to ponder - how do we execute the Will of God and The Testament of Jesus Christ (Messiah Yehoshua) in the kingdom of God on earth?

I would like to share that in order to execute the Testament of Jesus The Christ, we are not to exercise any of our own ministerial powers, but are exercising the ministerial powers appertaining to the high and Sacred Office of Messiah, by His Direction of the the Holy Spirit, His Mandate, and His Will evidenced by and in His Testament and Law. Everything you do is solely by His Direction and eliminates for purposes of Law, any charge against us of "willfulness"(which implies evil intent). So, you must study Scripture and listen to the Holy Spirit to know and understand what ministerial Powers He exercised because if one misuses or abuses His ministerial Powers, one will ultimately fail: "He who uses the right of another ought to use the same right." Bouvier's Law Dictionary (1914), "Maxim," p. 2157. Being a bondservant of Christ means to do everything in His Name and by His Authority, not of your own purported "authority". The words "Commanded,", "Direction" and "Warrant" are specific and accord with not doing any thing "willfully." You are under His kindly yoke, and because you are under His kindly yoke, you are directed by the Driver of that yoke who is the Testator of the Testament you execute. You have a Law to execute in your life, and that Law is the Father's Law which is the same Law Our Sovereign Lord and Saviour Yehoshua, the Christ executed. It is the Lawgiver Who justifies you and none other. When you are justified you are excused from performance to any other form of law. This is very critical, for without this justification you are condemned. It is the Lawgiver Who justifies you by His Warrant and Seal - not your own works or words on paper. If God, through Our Sovereign Lord, Saviour and Testator Jesus, the Messiah, is not your Lawgiver, you can never be justified, for no Law can justify anyone. The high and sacred office of Messiah who is of the order of Melchizedek is in Law, and so are you, if you and the act you did or failed to do, are in Messiah Christ. (Not from Aaron and Zadok's ended line, although priests forever. For you are now all of the Established Root grafted, Davidic Messianic, The King Priest Prophet, forever, One Flock, One Shepherd, One God, Jews of the Conquering Lion by Covenant - albeit for many, it may be inwardly more than outwardly!)

'My lovingkindness will not depart from Him as I took it away from Saul. Your house and your kingdom will endure forever be fore Me' through "My WORD",

with a blessing counted to Ham, considered cancelled and covered - sin against sin; nakedness for nakedness, skins for skin. All now having blessings received. Esau already having assumed the mantle of Babylon!

"I will surely tell you of the "DECREE" of The LORD. He said to Me, 'You are My Son, Today I have begotten You."

For 'I say to you, behold, one greater than Solomon is here, even something greater than the temple is here.'

'For unto us a "Firstfruit" child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.'

'And you have made them in Messiah Yehoshua - a kingdom, prophet priest kings to our God, and they shall reign upon the earth.'

"Let all of God's angels worship Him."

It is solely upon the above passage from Scripture regarding government which allows us to raise a political question because God raised Him. If God did not, then we have no standing in Law. In Law, you are either in the Garden of Eden with the right to the Tree of Life, protected by the enwrapping flaming sword established by God, baring any with no right; or you outside the Garden of Eden where you are without standing in His Law, for you have no relationship to the Supreme Lawgiver who alone can justify you, and are alone at His bar awaiting judgment, sentence, and execution.

Continuing with the case, the point to know is this, "Mistaken identity" not only takes in 'the name,' but more importantly, it takes in the force and power of 'the law of one's forum'. The questions in the mind of the judge would be, "what law do you identify with? Where do you reside or domicile? Who is your master, etc." These questions all concern your 'identity' , but the spelling of the name concerns 'misnomer,' which is only a small part of 'identity', so the case going as it did, the brother was not sure if this was some ruse or attributed to ignorance on the part of the attorney.

Sometimes I wonder, are the people of God like Caleb or like the other ten? I sometimes also wonder, perhaps the people of God have taken up a 'vote to stone' Yehoshua? Does anyone remember what written on the outcome of that? Can we symbolically take up a vote to stone the Greater Yehoshua our Great Shepherd who is 'crossing us over' the Jordan? We must realize that as the people of God living within His kingdom on earth that we are actually in a separate kingdom from the world, a kingdom which is spread out across the whole earth, occupying the same physical space as the world. Why should this be such a stretch of the imagination for believers? Does not the 10 miles square District of Columbia spread out its jurisdictional inequalities over the 50 soveriegn Republics of the United States of America by franchises and benefits thereby attempting to nullify the Constitution by agreements with every generation forward of our children? Under International Law, Municiple and Peacetime Military Courts are required to respect 'Customs and Usages' of the occupied territory. Are not these courts operating in Admiralty? But, we are asylum seekers in God's kingdom. And when one walks into a foreign court, one must import their law, or as in our case, our God's Law into that foreign court in order to distinguish and separate ourselves from that court's foreign law. Common Law by the way is also a foreign law in these Admiralty courts. A child of God is able to do this once they have accepted and invited the I AM onto/into thier vessel as did the disciples. And although the beast( a body politic ) has risen from the SEA and from the LAND. The Master will bring His people across or through the SEA into the LAND promised. Then, you will realize this already happened...

Thus says the LORD, "Heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool. Where then is a house you could build for Me? And where is a place that I may rest?

To this one I will look, To him who is humble and contrite of spirit, and who trembles at "My Word".

If a man loves Me, he will keep "My Word", and my Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.

And The Word said to me, These waters that flow from My Temple - which are My People, for as the lightning flashes in the east and shines to the west, these waters that go out to the heaps of sand of the east, and go down into plain places of desert, shall enter into the DEAD SEA, and for wherever this water flows everything will come alive!

All eyes will see HIm. For we shall meet the Lord in the Air and 'The kingdoms of the world did become those of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign to the ages of the ages!'

In that day the LORD will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent, with His fierce and great and mighty sword, even Leviathan the twisted ancient serpent; and He will slay the dragon who lives in the sea.

But first...recognize Wormwood.

Back to the case, the spelling of the name would have been meaningless without importing 'The Law', which for him is The Bible, The Word of God, and also stating that he was 'exercising ministerial powers' under the Word and Advocate, Jesus the Messiah. These are the marks that lead to a decision of 'mistaken identity.' The Judge who was the presiding judge for the district, knew exactly what he was doing, and gave the brother recognition, not because of the words that came out of his mouth, but because of their force and power. The maxim of law, 'All men know God' would apply in this case, because he came in a ministerial capacity under God and not a commerce harlot within Babylon.

The reference to 'mistaken identity' most importantly referred to him not being 'a resident of the federal judicial district of the central district of California.' The brother is not Domiciled there. The 'residency' requirement in civil cases is paramount in establishing jurisdiction for the court to hear the case. When he made that statement, the attorney did not rebut it, so the judge had to drop the case because although 'in rem' actions can be filed in any District by alleging that the 'vessel' or 'cargo' or 'tangible property' is located there, it will more than likely be initiated in the District where the vessel or cargo or tangible property is actually located(targeted), and a court will not gain admiralty jurisdiction until the 'vessel[600]' or 'cargo' or 'tangible property[trustee]' is located(or spoken for) within that district.

Some points to ponder about this brother in Christ is that he really is trying to live in the kingdom of God on earth. His presumed actions show he really is not 'domiciled' in nor a 'resident' of the 'United States' corporation of the District of Columbia, an employee of the organization or the 'legal fiction' citizen of the District of Columbia. He does not use a driver's license, nor an "address" (he uses general delivery which is not an address), nor has corporate employment(which is probably why the 'legal fiction' was summoned to tax court) and if he did work for a corporation, he would have signed correctly, knowing exactly what type of employee/worker he indeed and fact is.

In other words, the Judge could see from what was presented to him, that he wasn't serving two masters. The judge could not hold the brother accountable as a trustee(600) to the master which he served who's jurisdictional authority is over that court.

In conlcusion about the case, one would probably ask themselves, is there something wrong with using a car to exercise your duty of movement on the Common Ways to go from one place to another, is there something wrong with mail delivered to your doorstep, is there something wrong with working for a company to make a living? No, No, and No. The issue is man's definitions which have been unchecked by the 'family of The Lord' in this nation and throughout the world and codefied into admiralty policies which the people of God are tricked or 'caused' to make agreements. What is a driver, are you involved in government employment work or commerce while taking your kids to school, recreation and picking up groceries etc? Have there been any conditional strings attached to a free mail service to the home for which you do not know about, did you sign some contract? You had better study up on contract Law. Why is it wrong to make people sign voluntary private law W-4 agreements who are not public officers? What is wrong with a jurisdiction of mandated forced servitude under a guise of voluntary agreements which unknowingly strips people of their natural rights in a land where slavery and involuntary servitude has been marked as abolished? Did the 13th Amendment leave room for the possibility of voluntary servitude? Is removing and moving landmarks lawful with the Lord?

Perhaps it is all a commercial profit worship system at the alter of the ('anti'-Christ) meaning 'substitute'-Christ, beast false-church powers who purpport to have the answers for you and will solve all of your and their problems. You must "pray" to them first!

Common Law Litigating

What if we have to litigate and make a petition of redress? Here's are some ideas I have garnished so far. If you have to litigate, file a criminal complaint and litigate against the real person who injured you and do it from a common law, equity perspective, don't cite civil statutes which apply only to government officers, but now there is Burwell v. Hobby Lobby to confuse you even more: Is a paper corporation a real person now? Of course not. They are paper fictions, another novation which "legions" inhabit.

Then Jesus, because His Sovereign Court and Authority is wherever He is, DEMANDED, "What is your name?" And he replied, "My name is Legion, because there are many of us inside this man."

The the I AM said to them, UPROOT yourselves out of this LIVING Man, My dwelling place!

And the SWINE DRIVING themsleves off of the LAND, fully immersed and planted themselves into the SEA.

Then Yehoshua said" If two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there, I AM in the midst of them.

If someone injured you, then communicate that to the party who injured you and the government they work for using a criminal complaint to establish a duty to deny. Don't be emotional but be factual and specific. Respond to violations of rights with a criminal complaint, NOT a threat to prosecute, and ensure you have proof that you sent it. In the criminal complaint, stick to the facts of the case and avoid opinions. If they do not deny, state that the recipient of the complaint becomes a criminal under 18 U.S.C. Sec. 3 and Sec. 4 if they fail to act upon or prosecute the crimes. These violations are called accessory after the fact and misprision of felony. Give them a time frame to rebut and tell them that at the end of the time frame, they are in default and then issue a notice of default listing the facts agreed to. Include BOTH: A fee schedule indicating the charge for your services in resolving the dispute if they fail to reimburse you for the injury AND a bill or claim or tax bill, both for damages and your services to you from the illegal activity of the government agent. Do NOT identify the bill or claim as a "judgment or lien but simply a bill or claim. For instance, taxes after all, are simply a type of bill for services rendered, and if you call it a tax, then you like the government can invoke the anti-injunction act to prevent court interference with its collection, under the concept of equal protection and equal treatment. You could call the amount of the bill an assessment for tax owed. Send a copy of the criminal and civil complaint to both the offending party and the supervisor of the offending party, along with local law enforcement and the FBI. Don't THREATEN to act, but simply ACT by civilly and/or criminally suing the party who injured you. Never make a 'general appearance', any challenge to jurisdiction must be by 'special appearance'. Any Birth Certificate is a 'defendant; and is not the living man/woman. This should bring to your attention why the Birth Certificate is never accepted without a separate engraved image identifier. Never enter into the well or cross the bar until evidence of jurisdiction is entered into the record. Under common law you have the natural right to record proceedings. Take EXCEPTION and Don't respond to questions from the judge, insist that questions be entered into the record and in writing in the record(i.e. "For the record..."). Introduce evidence to the clerk only, not the referee(Judge). If you have to ask the court for something, which is the process/paperwork, identify the thing as something for the jury and not the judge to award it. Keep the Judge in honor, don't give him/her any opportunity to 'practice law' from the bench or become a 'prosecutor' and turn the proceeding into a miltary tribunal utilizing the 84/94 Manual of Court Marshall. You do not have to be informed of this, read the preamble of the Lieber Code. Do not motion the court or judge for anything with process/paperwork, OBJECT to and only talk to the prosecutor. Do not verbally or physically attack or upset the judge and watch your language in court.

If you belong to a group with its own common law or ecclesiastical court, then:

  • 1. Draft a good membership or citizenship agreement.
  • 2. Require all members to sign the membership or citizenship agreement.
  • 3. Keep careful records that are safe from tampering.(invent a new encryption that no one, that means even the government knows or use one no one can make sense of - "the right to be safe and secure in your papers"
  • 4. Do NOT serve legal process of any kind against those who are NOT consenting members or citizens.

If someone you are speaking to threatens you illegally and you feel the need to record it as evidence, then:
  • 1. If you are using a telephone or the internet, find out what state the person is in on the other end of the line.
  • 2. Look up the laws for recording of conversations for the state the other party is in and if the state is a two party state, then either announce that talking with you constitutes consent or ask them if they consent. If the state is a one party state, then you don't need permission and aren't required to notify the other party.

    *Some important words to ponder from the point of view of both man's law and Gods Law. Keep in mind the question as to why the above arguments have a real effect within the worlds court systems - How did 'Ministrerial Laws' get into man's law? Remember, the Admiralty Court is on Par with an Ecclesiastical Court in this world!

    Look these up in their legal dictionaries, NOT a normal dictionary.

  1. 'Right of Visitation' and the 'Right of Search' in International Law
  2. 'Color', 'colorable persona', 'colorable law', 'under the color of law'
  3. 'abatement'
  4. 'housekeeping', housekeeper', 'householder' (Master or Chief of a family)
  5. 'Public'
  6. 'Minister' , 'Ministerial', 'Ministerial Powers', Ministerial Duty'
  7. 'Advocate'
  8. 'Testament', 'testimony'
  9. 'Betrothed', 'Marriage'
  10. 'status', 'residency', 'domicile', 'address'(defined by lawyers but children of God do not have an address)
  11. 'Family Bible' of records
  12. 'National', 'Native'
  13. 'Commerce'
  14. 'ens legis'
  15. 'Admiralty'
  16. 'Libel of Review'
  17. 'Controversy' , 'Controver'
  18. 'Discussion'
  19. Constitutional Law 101 - States Rights and Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act

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18.0 DECL OF SERVICE by petitioner USA of ntc of mot & mot...
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20.0 ORDER by Judge John G. Davies granting United States' mtn...
	ORDER by Judge John G. Davies granting United States' mtn to hold respnt 
	in covil contempt & impose sanctns. A bench warrant shl be issd for arrest 
	of respnt Randy L. Overholtzer. Upon arrest, respndt shl be brought before 
	this crt, whereupon respndt shl be incarcerated untl such time as respndt 
	indicates a willingness to purge respndt of the contempt. 
	(dhl) (Entered: 08/05/1994)
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21.0 ORDER by Judge John G. Davies tht the actn is dism w/out ...
	ORDER by Judge John G. Davies tht the actn is dism w/out prej; fur ord tht 
	the clk of the USDC shall rescind the bench warrant issued on 8-2-94 for 
	the arrest of respdent Randy L. Overholtzer;fur ord tht the warrant for 
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22.0 WARRANT for arrest of Randy L Overholtzer (dhl) (Entered:...
	WARRANT for arrest of Randy L Overholtzer (dhl) (Entered: 01/10/1996)
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