What does a good junk box and creative space look like to me?

How does a junk box and creative space work to foster ideas? I really don't know! But to start off, you basically need some junk parts. You can collect parts from any broken piece of electronic equipment. As a matter of fact you can just pick up stuff by driving around your neighborhood and checking treelawns or asking friends and family for things they dont need.

Various circuit boards with through hole and SMT parts

Various types of caps, IC's and parts like RF components

Loose resistors, chokes, ferrites, caps, screws, wire etc.

Once you have some of these things you are probably going to want to organize a little as all those parts lying around get messy. You may opt to leave some parts on the boards until you need them. I like a well lit space with artificial daylight lighting and a large worktable with a good bench chair or seat.

This does not happen overnight, overtime you will eventually have the space you desire - configured as you like it. When I started learning about electronics, I did not have much and it usually all begins by just opening up something that broke and then attempting to repair it. As time goes on, scavenging a little here and there, obtaining new parts and tools - I find, you will eventually have more than you need, BUT...you will never have enough!

To begin you may need some basic tools and accessories to get started like the following:

  • Multimeter
  • Oscilloscpe
  • Frequency Counter
  • Solder Station
  • Various Hand Tools
  • Various Shop Tools
  • Bookcase
  • Whatever else you may want!


Solder StationTools

Various Tools

Remember to have fun. Electronics and tinkering is full of enjoyment and discovery!

Experiments and research perfomed from 'without the United States'. [ 28 U.S. Code Sec. 1746 ]

Peace be unto you. Thank you for visiting!