The best gaming machine of its time

Thanks for the picture moparx!

The Amiga!

Back in the 80's you really had to have one to appreciate it. For a really good history on how this computer came to fruition, check out, but if you loved this PC like I did, then grab a box of tissues before you visit.

This was my first real personal computer, used primarily at first for gaming, but I eventually ended up finding it was so good with so much stuff. I could compose MIDI music, multi-polyphonic mods, create works of digital art, edit video footage, create videos, program 3D ray traced graphics in Basic and C and completely use the computer from the command line although it was mouse and menu driven. I even had it speaking to me. The flight simulators were so good, I practically learned how to fly using it! The Amiga was an awesome machine and I had two versions of it, the 1000 and the 2000.

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