Thoughts on the idea of a Solid Universe

Perhaps, we are of the ice and at the same time - not apart of it

- sastri

Could it be that the world in which we move and exist, is actually in a 'Solid' state? How can one envsion the universe itself to be a 'Solid'?

To begin, I would like to draw you a picture if you will of the universe. This picture will not be on any type of paper or array of radiated phosphors or electrical points of lights but will be on the canvas of your mind. I invite you to reach out your hand and stretch your arm out in front of you. You will notice that you can move in this Solid. Grab the nearest object and pick it up. You will see that you can intereact with other 'objects' in this Solid. Now, throw the object away from you.

Now, imagine that you are looking at yourself reaching out your arm, grabbing a nearby object and throwing it, all the while you are encased in a block of frozen 'ice' that permeates all aspects of its physical space and everything within it! Imagine the ice as the universe around you.

Now imagine once more that you are looking at yourself reaching out your arm, grabbing a nearby object and throwing it. But in this scenario, picture yourself as having the same properties as the ice itself, meaning, your color, your very body, inside and out is exactly as you are imagining the ice itself. Like watching a blank silver screen after the movie reel has run out. The image like a 2D animation created and destroyed, repeat, repeat, repeat. Can you see yourself move within the ice? If so, what is moving , you or the ice? If you cannot imagine seeing yourself - then why?

The ice has structure. The ice is All connected. The ice is you and you are the ice. The ice is the universe and all that is within it.

Perhaps the ice curves and forms a void around you where you are within the ice? Perhaps you are surrounded in some form of a force field between you and the ice forming a void? How fast is the change of electrons around protons and nuetrons? Some have mathematically referred to this ice as space-time while others have described it as fields near or far. Before the modern maths it was called aether. Normally, most of us do not concern ourselves with it as we interpret it as emptiness or space in bewteen us and something else. We cannot see it, experiments even up to this very day have not detected it and mathematics has not correctly defined it. But, it is there. Am I going to try to prove a negative? But, we can sense it is there, for instance with the concept of 'time', but that is our interpretation which we have defined in a mathematic model. I, personally do not think it will ever be correctly defined by any mathematics or completely understood in a physical sense as that would mean that one would have to figure out ALL the workings of Creator God. Believing in a Creator and understanding all of His ways are two different things. But I do propose that the 'ice' is governed by and obeys His every command. I do propose that the 'ice' is apart of the Creator. If we could, we could ask the ant and it would tell us. Strange you may reason? Well,

What is Light?

What is Matter?

What is Gravity?

What is Magnetism?

What is Electricity?

What is Energy?

What is Mind?

Really, I ask not just what you may have been told or something you may have read and studied in school. I ask this because even with all our education and knowledge - I know, no one can say what they are with any certainty. But the question still remains - What are they? Are the understanding of them separated or are they in unison, are they harmoniously - One?

This has great ramifications as to how we think things operate in the universe. For instance, did this 'Solid' start out in solid state as we see it today? Did it start out compressed and expand and continues to expand? Is there a maximum speed of motion within the ice? What if there are no voids nor fields? This is important as all mathematical models take the ice into consideration as without it there would be - no motion. So called 'spooky action at a distance' is in fact, the connected power power of God to His complete creation!

I invite you to look up into the night sky, watch the stars 'rotate' in a complete unchanging and never changed circle and the moon and planets 'move' across the sky, but are they in motion or is it you? As you are there, imagine that you are on the moon, the sun or another planet watching earth - Is the earth in motion or are you? Who is in motion and who is not? Is everything in motion? What if nothing is in motion? Can you feel yourself moving through the ice? Are the stars and the earth moving at the same speed as the electrons where you are standing? Even with experiments up to this very day, we cannot tell if the earth is in fact, moving. Without a staionary reference point no calulation or observance can make sence. The only logical way we can get a true reference is by two things or as I see it - One. That is the ice itself must give you a valid reference or someone who is on the outside of the ice looking in. Now, since no person can really tell who is in motion where do we get the reference from? Ourselves, we guess, we mathematically define a stationary reference, and we give it a variable name. But that is the condundrum. Here we are, and within us is the answer, one half of the true reference point - yet, we do not see.

We are of the ice and at the same time - choose not to be apart of it.

To be continued, I gotta get MORE of my thoughts together!

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Peace be unto you. Thank you for visiting!