Need an industrial strength circuit simulator?

It's now Free!

If you have been looking for an industrial strength circuit simulator and analyzer, look no more because Micro-Cap 12 is now FREE as! of July 4, 2019. The company is closing its doors and has offered their state of the art simulator free with no license key needed. The program is fast and easy to use, not a lot of bloat and no need to procure a monthly use fee. Look at some of the features packed into this 12th generation software introduced back in 1982!

It is fast
Algorithmic improvements, optimized code, and an integrated interface contribute to the stunning speed of Micro-Cap 12.

Extensive Features

  • 64-bit version for large circuits
  • Multi-page hierarchical schematic editor
  • PSpiceTM, SPICE3, and many HSPICETM commands and models supported
  • Threading support for multiple CPUs and faster simulations
  • Native digital simulation engine
  • Periodic Steady State analysis
  • Integral circuit optimizer with multiple optimization methods
  • Worst Case analysis with RSS, Monte Carlo, and Extreme Value Analysis
  • Smoke / Stress analysis
  • Harmonic and intermodulation distortion analysis
  • Stability analysis for linear systems
  • Integrated active and passive filter design function
  • Parts library with over 33,000 parts
  • Analog and digital behavioral modeling
  • Schematic waveform probing
  • On-schematic voltage/state, current, power, and condition display
  • Dynamic analysis updates waveforms and curves as you edit
  • During the run plotting
  • Smith charts / polar plots
  • Multidimensional parameter stepping
  • Monte Carlo analysis
  • Integrated spreadsheet that recognizes simulation values
  • 3D plotting
  • Measure and Performance Function plots
  • Optimizing parts modeler
  • Gummel-Poon, Mextram and Modella bipolar models
  • Berkeley BSIM 1, BSIM 2, BSIM3, and BSIM4 MOSFET models
  • EKV V2.6 MOSFET model
  • Hefner IGBT model
  • IBIS model translator
  • Animated LEDs, switches, bars, meters, relays, stoplights, and DC motors
  • Jiles-Atherton nonlinear magnetics model
  • PCB interface to popular packages
  • LAN version for collaborative projects

Easy to use
The graphical, user-friendly interface is easy to learn and use. Familiar SPICE models, plus extensions, are easy to apply. Over 400 sample circuit files illustrate common circuit applications.

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